Custom Product Development

Aalmir Plastic industries currently able to convert the following materials in multi-layer structures  including HDPE- High-density polyethylene LDPE- Low-density polyethylene LLDPE- Linear density polyethylene MPE- Metallocene based Linear density polyethylene PP- Polypropylene Ppc- Polypropylene copolymer EVOH- Ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer PA-  Polyamide 6 EVA- Ethylene vinyl acetate Ionomers/tie- multiple Recycled PE materials PLA- polylactic acid For


Custom Film Development

Film development process begins by identifying the limitations of current films with the application that is required. As like any other product development processes, the application and requirement have to be clearly analyzed and researched. Our film development is categorized into custom forming/shaping and functional films. For functional film development, we require knowing the complete


Down Gauging

Aalmir Plastic Industries realized early on that down gauging of the film resulted in significant cost savings for customers and has been offering down gauging optimization to customers as standard. The key to cost-efficient down-gauging is to match the same mechanical properties of the film at a lower thickness. This requires an in-depth analysis of

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