Nonskid trays are high-quality trays with specialty top surface that prevents contents from sliding when tray is tilted. The slip surfaces are tested against multiple liquids and have undergone extensive commercial wash test to ensure durability.

Advantages of non-skid trays over traditional trays are

  • *Lower cost due to elimination of paper tray mats
  • *Lower environmental footprint due to elimination of paper tray mats
  • *Higher safety due to reduce chances of contents sliding or falling off tray.

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Industry name Nonslip tray, nonskid tray, nonskid iml tray, nonskid coating tray, nonskid rubber tray
Material ABS, PC, PP, HDPE
Application Use Inflight catering tray ( aviation)
Fast food restaurant tray
Coffee shop trays
Commercial food court trays
Prison trays
School trays
Consumer household trays