Aalmir Plastic Industries (API) has been working with and developing solutions for the aviation and in-flight catering industry for over 20 years. Our services range from the manufacturing and designing of hard to find or discontinued parts that require close tolerance manufacturing to large volume rotable and in-flight equipment.

To provide optimum solutions, we strive to understand our customers operating and business environments and needs. Our staff includes ex-aviation personnel to give us an insider’s perspective into the full scope of the requirements and end use product. Our design department is knowledge of most standards that are in use by the industry today, making part design and compatibility seamless. A large selection of galley equipment from different suppliers and manufacturers are available to us resulting in a simpler design process.

inflight-planeOur areas of expertise lie in;

• in-flight disposables
• in-flight rotables
• in-flight equipment
• in-flight equipment efficiency programs and smart equipment design
• catering and food service delivery concepts
• engineering parts replacement and design
• light weighting programs
• closed loop recycling programs
• metal replacement programs
• ceramic replacement programs

We are constantly conducting research in the above areas, For more information on what we can offer, please feel free to contact us.