Film development process begins by identifying the limitations of current films with the application that is required. As like any other product development processes, the application and requirement have to be clearly analyzed and researched. Our film development is categorized into custom forming/shaping and functional films.

custom-film-developmentFor functional film development, we require knowing the complete functional requirement and application use. Our areas of expertise are in;
High heat films
Static Films
Conductive films
Orientated films
Coated films
Specific melting point films
High strength film
Barrier transmission specific
Multi-Layered structures
Decomposable films
Degradable films
Dissolvable films
custom film For custom forming and shaping, we are able to create pouches, bags, covers of various custom sizes and shapes. For specialized purposes, we can modify and create bag forming machines that seal as per functional requirements.
For example; hooked bags, gloves, fitted chair covers… etc