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Shrink films are primarily used to bundle numerous items together or neatly wrap items for protection or storage. There are many variations and types of shrink films suited to different applications.

Industry names

Shrink film,  Shrinkeable film,  Shrink wrap, shrink bag, shrink hood, shrink cover, shrink sheet, PE shrink film, LDPE shrink film, multilayer shrink film

Material LDPE, LLDPE, Mdpe, HDPE, PP, POF – can also be made oxobiodegradable
Thickness 25-250 micron  (0.025-0.25 mm)
Printing options full colour print, surface print, block print ( barcode),  reverse printing

Collation shrink film for glass bottle/Jar packing

Collation shrink film for PET bottle packing

Collation shrink film for canned food

Shrink film / Shrink bag for  promotional bundling

Shrink film for protective purposes

Shrink hood for pallets

Shrink film for protective purposes

Shrink film as cardboard /paper replacements

Industrial heavy duty shrink film

Application methods Though heating ( shrink ) tunnels or by use of hand held heat guns.