Oven bags are used to heat, cook or bake food in a non flame ovens or microwaves and are becoming more common in modern cooking techniques because of the many features they provide

  • Enhanced flavor retention
  • Faster cooking times
  • Neat and tidy cooking environments

API manufactures oven bags with FDA approved Food grade materials and in various sizes.

Industry names Ovenable bread bag, ovenable chicken bag, ovenable basting bag , turkey basting bag, chicken basting bag, polyester oven bag, nylon oven bag, inflight oven bag, in-flight oven bag, catering bag, cook in bag,  cooking bag, perforated oven bread bag, chicken roast bag, plastic roast bag, ovenable roast bag, frozen dinner oven bag, frozen pizza oven bag.
Width 150-1000mm
Length 200-800mm
Thickness 20-40 micron
Printing options Barcode printing, block printing, text printing.
Side gusset options No
Bottom gusset options No
Material options Polyester , Nylon, multi-layer
Max load capacity 2 Kg