Automation is a key part of today’s manufacturing processes. Superior quality finishing, efficient high-speed production, precision assemblies and final part decorations are just some areas of production that can benefit from an automated process. This is why we have a dedicated automation team experienced in creating highly efficient production cells in-house. Our automation team is qualified in dealing with pneumatics, robotics, plc systems and EOAT fabrication.

assembly-automationThis allows our engineers to utilize an out of the box thinking attitude when designing production cells. Having an in-house team also helps reduces costs and allows for the viability of smaller projects that would not be possible because of high entry costs usually associated with automation.

For example; IML (in-mold labeling), is the process of applying plastic labels to a mould prior to injection of material. This is a well-known process and is transforming the rigid packing market because of better quality finishes and lower costs of production ( in some cases). To set a system like this up usually requires a robot, label dispenser EOAT and perfect mating with the mould. This makes the cost of entry to be very high for an IML application as the quantities would have to justify the investment spent on automation and design. With our in-house automation team, we are able to quickly alter and adapt tools which are already at our disposal for short-run solutions of up to 5000 parts without having to invest in any new tools, thus making a small and irregular shape even viable for this process.

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API is capable of

  • Designing jigs, fixtures and EOAT’s.
  • Manufacturing and designing of  automated assembly line process.
  • Designing and assembling of complex robotic production cells which can include; painting,  takeout, IML, IMD, insert molding and packing.