Aalmir Plastic Industries (API) is able to manufacture injection molded parts for a range of requirements. Our vast experience in Injection molding and machine tonnage availability ranges from 60 to 1200 tons allowing us to cover most requirements. Our newly established automation department specializes in EOAT design and robot customization, further enhancing customization abilities and helping improve overall part quality.

The mold making department is capable of constructing and repairing numerous types of injection molds. Molds can either be created in-house or outsourced depending on actual project requirements. Aalmir plastic industries have significant experience in most modern mold construction systems and are fully capable of handling total construction testing and final production with ease. We are well experienced in dealing with;

  • injection molding manufacturing servicesHigh cavitations molds
  • Appropriate hot runner design and selection.
  • Low cycle molds (5000 shots)
  • High cycle molds ( over 10 million )
  • Multi-Material molding (2k) and insert molding
  • Gas Assist molding
  • Foam Injection techniques
  • Close tolerance Molding
  • Elastomeric molding
  • Compression molding
  • In-Mold Labeling
  • Thin wall molding
  • High Heat molding
  • Precise part moldings

Product design can be handled by our in-house design team or be provided to us in the form of 3d/2d files, we are able to handle molding of simple short run production to complex and intricate precision assembly requirements.