Batch inclusion bags are used in applications where bags are required to be disintegrated or melted into mixing stream or mixing pot/chamber.
Using batch inclusion bags allows

  • Users to reduce operational cost by eliminating the bag opening process , increase of speed by reducing material loading time.
  • Increase in safety by reducing exposure time and risk of fallout/contamination.
  • Consistent formulation mixing ratio.
Industry names Batch inclusion bag, melt-able bags,  dissolve-able bags, melt bags, low temperature melt bag,  thermoplastic melt bag, eva bag, LDPE bag, road paint bags, thermoplastic road paint bag, water soluble bags, soluble bags.
Width 150-1000mm
Length 200-800mm
Thickness 30-200 micron
Printing options Graphic printing,  block printing, full surface print,  glossy/ matte print
Side gusset options Yes
Bottom gusset options Yes
Material options LDPE, PIB, EVA, Custom
Max load capacity 25 Kg
Common applications road marking paints
chemical batch inclusion
rubber batch inclusion
bag within bag batch inclusion
water filtration batch inclusion
conveyor belt batch inclusion
rubber hose/ elastomeric hose batch inclusion
recycled rubber or rubber crumb batch inclusion