Flip top closures are becoming very popular in rigid packaging applications due to ease of use and elimination of cap/closure loss. They offer cost savings during the bottling/filling process since it eliminates sorting and screwing when 2 component closures are used.In certain applications such as tubes, flip top closures can help eliminate shoulders and reduce material consumption and cost as well.

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Industry names Flip top closure, Flip top cap, Hinged closure, Hinged cap.
Features Tamper evident, valve ( controlled dosing),multi-colour
Application use Sauce bottles
Ketchup bottles
Condiment bottle ( Ketchup, Mayonaise, Mustard)
Honey bottles
Laminated tubes/ moulded tubes
Shampoo/Soap/Conditioner bottles
Household cleaning products
Water/juice/sport drink bottles
Tablet/pill tubes/bottles
Candy tubes/bottles/jars