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Aalmir Plastic Industries ( API) is a downstream plastic manufacturing company specializing in Injection moulding, blown film, thermoforming and extrusion applications with a strong focus on efficiency, industrial design and new material applications. The company background has always been manufacturing and understanding customer requirements to be it a small inventor or multi-national corporation.Working with API today provides you access to all our resources which include but are not limited to;

  • Part of vertically diversified group, with interests in logistics, manufacturing, and trading.
  • Convenient location, 16 days transit time to far east, 15 days to Europe, and 23 days to US East coast.
  • Well diversified in plastic processing methods (Injection, blown Film, extrusion).
  • Close relationships and proximity with petrochemical plants allow for cheaper transport cost of raw material.
  • 50+ High Tech Injection moulding machines
  • 8 single and multi layer blown film machines along with modern down stream printing and cutting equipment.
  • Modern laboratory for testing and QC.
  • Distributed manufacturing facilities for Back up contingency manufacturing.
  • Modern Warehousing Facilities with 20+ years of Exporting Experience.
  • Modern Tooling, automation and tooling workshop.