Bio hazard bags are used for storage or disposal of high risk organic/biologically hazardous waste such as blood, organs, contaminated matter or items that have come into contact with hazardous waste streams. It is necessary to clearly identify that these bags contain dangerous waste and should be incinerated.

Certain waste streams require tamper evident seals and OTR/MVTR properties. Materials used for this application depend on waste stream and should be carefully selected for each application.

  • hospital waste bags
Industry names Bio hazard bags, medical waste plastic bag, medical waste bag, hazard bags, hospital waste bags, incineration bags
Width 150-1000mm
Length 200-800mm
Thickness 60-200 micron
Printing options Graphic printing,  block printing, full surface print,  glossy/ matte print
Side gusset options Yes
Bottom gusset options Yes
Material options Depends on application, please contact
Max load capacity 10 Kg
Seal Options Heat seal, permanent glue adhesive seal
Barrier properties Yes