Plastic films can be used in packaging applications to store and protect products. They are very simple and cost effective to use and have numerous applications ranging from food contact to industrial packaging.

Industry names FFS, LDPE film, PP film, flow wrap film, LDPE rolls, FFS film
Material LDPE, LLDPE, Mdpe, HDPE, PP, POF – can also be made oxobiodegradable
Thickness 25-250 micron (0.025-0.25 mm)
Printing options full colour print, surface print, block print ( barcode), reverse printing
Application Food packaging film
film for bag making machines
film for packaging machines
film to wrap around products ( over wrapping or covers)
film for box making machines
film for humidty protection
film for contamination protection / outdoor protection
film for pillow pack machines
film for industrial packaging machines.
sugar packing film
dry food packaging film
mattress packing film
electronic packing film
garment packing film/ laundry film
ice packing film
frozen food packing film
Application methods by automated machinery or manual application