Thread protectors also known as seam protectors are used in pipes that require integrity of threads to be maintained throughout storage and transport. These are vital protective devices that reduce operational costs, maintenance cost and enhance safety of pipe owners. Materials are specifically selected depending on application and can be made semi-flexible, rugged or economical. Designs can be made for easy assembly or machine assembly.

Industry names Thread protector, threaded end cap, seam protector end cap, box and pin end cap, drill pipe thread protector, drill pipe seam protector, seam protection, thread protection
Description End caps used for thread protection
Application use Protection of pipe threads during transport and storage. Ideally suited for pipes that require perfect thread integrity and are expensive to rethread.
Pipe OD  size Custom sized  2″-16″
Type  Male/male, Male/female, Female/female
Material P.E, Elastomer, PP,  Composite
Tensile strength 20-110 MPA
Water absorption <0.1%
Softening point 60-180c
Colour Blue, yellow, red, black, custom
Application use Thread protection for drill pipes
Thread protection for  valves
Thread protection for fittings
Thread protection for flanges
Thread protection for scaffolding pipes
Thread protection for water pipes
Thread protection for aluminum pipes
Thread protection for composite pipes