Tamper evident closures are used in applications where package integrity is needed to guarantee the quality of the contents. Closures can be made tamper-evident in various ways and depends on the container neck design.

  1. Peel of ring type closure:
    This type of closure can be applied to a container that lacks a rigid or accurately moulded screw thread on the neck. The closure usually has an inbuilt tab which is then pulled and unwinds releasing the top portion of the closure from the bottom ring. This type of closure can be made in combination with flip top closures.
  1. Tamper evident band type:
    This type of closure is the most common design of all tamper evident closures and is used mainly in bottle application which has rigid screws. The closure comes with an inbuilt molded band that is separated once the closure is screwed open.
  2. Pull tab ring type:
    This type of closure is usually made from at least 2 components ( Top + Bottom part) and features a pull ring that tears open top surface of the closure exposing content of container. Using a pull ring closure eliminates the requirement for having a flexible seal installed on top neck of container.

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