Recessed end caps are beneficial in situations where the cap profile needs to protect bevel/edge of the pipe against damage. These end caps come in standard sizes and are also highly customizable to meet the wall thickness of the pipe requested.

Industry name Recessed type end cap, bevel protection end cap, sleeve type end cap
Description End caps used for with bevel/edge
Application use Protection of pipe inner walls during transport and storage. Ideally suited for seamless pipes, drill pipes, poles, coated pipes, composite pipes, plastic pipes and steel pipes.
Pipe OD  size Custom sized 3″-42″
Pipe ID size Custom sized 2″-41.5″
Thickness custom 3mm – 10mm
Height 60mm
Material P.E, Elastomer, PP
Tensile strength 20 mpa
Water absorption <0.1%
Softening point 60c
Colour Blue, yellow, red, black, custom
Application use End cap for pre-insulated pipe
End cap for coated pipe
End cap for 3ple pipe
End cap for chamfered edge pipes
End cap for pipe protection against crane hooks