In situations where existing designs or technologies cannot fulfill desired application requirements, It is necessary to have an out of the box approach to closure design. API’s extensive experience in such applications provides our customers with the right tools and ideas to solve the most difficult closure requirements.

  • Ultra high precision closures/caps
  • High burst pressure closures/caps
  • High-temperature closures/caps
  • long-term sealability closures
  • Tamper evident closures/caps
  • Valve type closures/caps
  • Mechanical dosing closures/caps
  • Child proof closures/caps
  • High barrier OTR/CO2 closure/caps
  • Inert closures/caps
  • Multi-functional closures/caps
  • Counterfeit-proof closures/caps
  • complex multi-assembly closures
  • Flexible closures/caps
Please do not hesitate to ask us about our past projects and share with us your specific custom closure project to discuss further. We are always looking for a challenge!