Aalmir Plastic Industries ( API) manufactures film via the blown film processing method.
Our blown film department consists of single layer and multi-layer blown film machines capable of producing a large matrix of film sizes and structures.

Blown-Film-ExtrusionWe are able to produce the film as small as 10cm to 7-meter width, and thickness ranges from 15 microns to 3000 microns. Films are formulated as per customer final requirements with a variety of materials being used.

Further downstream processing via use of cutting machines, bag making machines, winders, coaters and printing lines are available to manufacture the assortment of end products.

  • Our blown film department has the capability of producing;
  • Bags & Pouches with bottom sealing and side sealing capabilities.
  • Printing & Corona treatment of films ( CI and Flexo presses).
  • Multilayer technical film structures.
  • Plant-based films.
  • Oxo-degradable films.

Printing Capabilities

blown film printing capabilityOur printing department is equipped with high-speed flexographic machines that are able to meet the majority of printing requirements within a short lead time. As an added feature, the in-house printing lab is able to accurately colour match design artwork thus eliminating the cost of outsourcing template and block production.
API currently runs:

  • Stack type flexographic machines up to 8 colours
  • CI type flexographic machines up to 8 colours
  • Inline stack type printing machines up to 2 colours

Cutting & Sealing capabilities

cutting technology in blown filmAPI’s cutting and the sealing department has the capability to produce bags and liners of many sizes via different sealing methods. We also supply perforated rolls, perforated bags, pallet covers, shrink sleeves, pouches and many more..