Aalmir Plastic Industries produces a wide range of printed film for customers that require branding, instructions or specific artwork. Printed film are used in packaging and protection applications.

Industry names Printed PE film, Printed plastic film, Printed polyethelye, surface printed film,  large width printed film
Material LDPE, LLDPE, Mdpe, HDPE, PP, POF – can also be made oxobiodegradable
Thickness 25-250 micron  (0.025-0.25 mm)
Printing options full colour print, surface print, block print ( barcode),  reverse printing
Printing ink Water or solvent based
Print size 10cm-140cm
Print repeat length 10cm – 110cm
Print colour up to 8 colour
Common applications tissue paper packaging
roll covers
pipe covers / duct film / pipe sleeves
Sufra rolls / sofra rolls
diaper film / diaper packaging film
car protection film
poultry packaging film/  meat packaging film
component packaging film