reasearch and development at aalmir plastic injection molding and films industry
Aalmir Plastic Industries (API) is continuously researching new applications and materials to find solutions to customer requirements. Our proactive approach to identifying areas where efficiency or value can be increased is the driving factor behind our R&D initiatives.

Close relationships with Industry majors and the pursuit of the most efficient processing methods provide a favorable platform to carry out joint research and development projects with 3rd party stakeholders. Be it, a leading polymer researcher at a major petrochemical company or a simple patent holder, we are able to efficiently carry out and monitor research projects from ideas to materialization.
API is constantly seeking out new materials and processing methods, we have stock of most commonly used commodity, engineering and specialty materials thus making custom compounding and material formulation easier to carry out. Current research and development activities are being focused on

  • research and development at APIHigh Heat plastic alloys
  • High compression plastic
  • Specialty In-mold label techniques
  • Specialty multi-material injection molding applications
  • Wood replacement programs
  • Metal replacement programs
  • Ceramic replacement programs
  • Foaming processes
  • Food staining affects on plastics
  • Extreme thin wall high cycle manufacturing
  • Film Sealability & Barrier properties
  • New Bag applications

We are always looking to expand our horizons and to work with like-minded individuals/organizations on any of the above topics. Please do not hesitate to contact us if similar interest is shared or if there is a topic/subject that we may be able to contribute to.