The construction and building materials industry is changing at a very fast pace. Builders, owners, designers and contractors are required to keep ahead of the competition by offering leaner and more efficient construction techniques.
Aalmir Plastic Industries (API) is well experienced in understanding customers’ needs and requirements.
Being based in the U.A.E and a part of the construction boom, we have manufactured products that have contributed to the efficient manufacturing of a large number of significant construction projects within the region.

building material manufacturersWe are well familiar with and have manufactured products for the;

  • Concrete pouring and manufacturing segment. Drainage, waterworks and plumbing systems.
  • Scaffolding and pipe work companies.
  • Formwork systems.
  • Steel and concrete spacing systems.
  • Landscaping segment.
  • False ceiling and cladding segment.
  • Dimensional stone segment.
  • Membrane and Protection systems. (Geo Membranes, textiles, sheets)
  • Maintenance and consumables segment.

Aalmir Plastic Industries is constantly collaborating with industry patent holders, innovators and at the same time conducting research on methods that can help improve on building efficiency.Whether it is a simple idea that may help reduce manpower on site, a simple coupler or complex sub-assembly system, we would like to hear on how we can work together to achieve common goals.