In Mould Labeling

Modern day In mould labeling (IML) is a widely accepted form of decorating via
placing labels in an injection mould. It's popularity is mainly due to simplification
of decoration process and higher quality finishing. This is why we continuously
research efficient methods of utilizing the IML process to expand and open up
new markets and applications. Our abilities in this field now include hard to
calibrate IML shapes, economic short run labeling and function specific IML!


Custom Film Development

Current films or bags available are not ideally suited to your requirement?
Do you have a technically specific film application or problem that needs to be resolved?
Or how about an idea that would make operation much more efficient?
If so, let us know about it, our film development specialists may be able to formulate the
right material for you.


Down Gauging

The key to cost-efficient down-gauging is to match the same mechanical properties
of the film at a lower thickness. This requires an in-depth analysis of the customer’s
specific applications and testing of various extrusion and formulations process that can
allow this. Based on Aalmir Plastic Industries current experience, it is possible to easily
down gauge most legacy LDPE and LLDPE applications by 15-35%.


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Established in 1988, Aalmir Plastic Industries LLC (API) has been actively catering to the plastic manufacturing requirements of many small and large companies.

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