Pallet covers are made from heavy duty Polyethylene and can be provided on roll form or in bags suited to your applications needs. They can be used to cover pallets to protect against humidity, dust , water damage or UV radiation.

Industry names Pallet cover, Plastic pallet cover, heavy duty  pallet cover, PE pallet cover, pallet film, plastic pallet film, pallet protection cover
Material LDPE, LLDPE, Mdpe, HDPE, PP, POF – can also be made oxobiodegradable
Thickness 100-350 micron
Printing options full colour print, surface print, block print ( barcode),  reverse printing
Size All standard pallets ( with gusset if required)
Pallet height up to 2 meters
Common application pallet cover for cement
pallet cover for raw materials
pallet cover for outdoor storage
pallet cover for wood goods
pallet cover for metal goods
pallet cover for rain protection
Cargo cover/ cargo roll
Pallet wraps