Autoclave bags are made from high temperature materials that can withstand the elevated temperatures of the autoclave sterilization process. Primarily used in the medical and food sectors , they are becoming more common in chemical heat curing industries such as rubber vulcanization and chemical batch curing applications.

Autoclave bags are excellent method of conducting sterilization in an organized and cost effective manner or curing of chemical at elevated temperatures.

Industry names Auto clave plastic bag,  sterilize plastic bag,  high temperature plastic bag, sterilization plastic bags, Vulcanization plastic bag.
Width 150-1000mm
Length 200-800mm
Thickness 25-80 micron
Printing options Graphic printing,  block printing, full surface print,  glossy/ matte print
Side gusset options Yes
Bottom gusset options Yes
Material options Multi-layer materials depending on temperature required.
Max load capacity 2 Kg