Aalmir Plastic industries currently able to convert the following materials in multi-layer structures  including

HDPE- High-density polyethylene
LDPE- Low-density polyethylene
LLDPE- Linear density polyethylene
MPE- Metallocene based Linear density polyethylene
PP- Polypropylene
Ppc- Polypropylene copolymer
EVOH- Ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer
PA-  Polyamide 6
EVA- Ethylene vinyl acetate
Ionomers/tie- multiple
Recycled PE materials
PLA- polylactic acid

For custom product development,  Aalmir Plastic industries can formulate films to match desired surface or mechanical properties red by customers applications.

Application Property required
Barrier properties low oxygen/moisture transmission rate
Environmental sustainability Recycled materials or degradable materials.
Outdoor Various UV formulations
Protection film Adhesive properties
Antistatic Conductivity properties
High-speed packaging Low Cof surface properties
Heavy duty High stiffness/tensile materials
Condensation Surface resistance
Light block pigmented
Good clarity Low haze properties
Super seal strength Sealant layer enhancement