Pipe spacers are becoming vital part of above ground and underground pipe line laying operations. They can be designed to be used in situ with concrete installs and they can also be made to be structural to replace metal/concrete pipe platforms, made to support pipe in pipe applications or just simple storage applications. It is also becoming very common to install pipeline bundles which allow pipelines to be installed with attachments quicker and in a more neat and organized manner.

Designing a pipeline spacer system can be very complex and is important to understand structural loads being applied and how often to place a spacer between length of a pipeline. For such detailed calculations, our engineers can provide insight and solutions to help design the correct spacer system for your applications.

Industry name Pipe spacer, pipeline spacer, pipeline bundle, pipe support, pipeline support, pipe platform, pipeline platform, pipe in pipe spacer, star spacer, modular spacer.
Type Structural load applications , light load applications, pipe + cable bundle applications