Plastic Cash bags are high strength, co-extruded plastic bags that utilize a unique tamper proof interior sealing system making the bags tamper evident.

Used by Banks, Airports, Law enforcement agencies, research organizations and courier companies in applications that require secure storage of valuable or important items such as cash, coins, etc. These bags can be customized per customer requirements to include exclusive features like, customer branding, alphanumeric coding, bar code and tear off receipts.

Industry names Plastic Cash Bags, plastic Coin bags, cash money bags, money security bags, tamper evident cash bags, bank bags, securely money transfer bags
Width 150-1000mm
Length 200-800mm
Thickness 30-140 micron
Printing options Graphic printing,  block printing, full surface print,  glossy/ matte print, serial number printing, barcode printing.
Side gusset options No
Bottom gusset options No
Material options Multi layer  PE, PP
Max load capacity 10 Kg